Darrin Mathews BSC PT, BSC HKIN

Director of Clinical Practice, Registered Physiotherapist, Graston Certified Practitioner and Joint Reaction Health Center Co-founder
About Darrin
Darrin Mathews Physio

Born and raised in a small Ontario town located on Lake Ontario, Darrin was an avid athlete as a teenager. His athletic highlights included participation at an elite level in both tennis and soccer. Darrin was always interested in health and wellness which led to his enrolling into the health science field.

Darrin graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2002 from the Human Kinetics program with honors, and went on to Queens University to study Physiotherapy, where he graduated in 2006. Since then, he has worked in a multitude of settings which include: hospital rehab, nursing and retirement homes, cardiac rehab, Chronic Pain Clinics and lastly in Orthopedic practice.

It was while working at the Chronic Pain Clinics that he became fascinated with the dysfunction that muscle tension/tightness created. It was this that paved the path to his current passion in his practice: myofascial pain and dysfunction. Darrin has taken numerous courses including; Mackenzie, APTEI, Sarhman, Neurodynamics, ART (myofascial release techniques), and acupuncture to name a few. From his ART studies, he was introduced to a technique called GRASTON and this changed his practice forever. He became the first ever physiotherapist to be certified as a Graston Practitioner in Ontario. Darrin uses this technique on any muscle or ligament problem that a member might encounter.

Darrin has also become certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) otherwise known as IMS or intra-muscular stimulation. This technique is great for both acute and chronic muscular problems and is also a very rare technique amongst physiotherapists. His members range from: the Government worker to include the likes of MMA athletes, high level runners as well as the Ottawa Senators Junior AAA prospects. Darrin has been successfully managing clinics throughout the Eastern Ontario area for the last 6 years. Darrin also has become a contributor to Total Fit Magazine as well as joining GRECO Lean and Fit's Health Expert Panel.

Darrin prides himself on giving the member the highest possible quality of care and attention. At the Joint Reaction Health Center we spend more time with our members and listen more carefully. Darrin believes that we must treat the person as unique and the individual as a whole. Treating symptoms is not something that he believes in, but rather believes that one must treat the root of the problem in order for the symptoms to dissipate.

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