About our Center

At Joint Reaction you'll see we are different by design. We are a boutique-style therapy facility where you'll experience the difference and come to expect more, whether it's Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, or Custom Foot Orthotics. Our therapists have received advanced training in numerous techniques to help you get better faster, and so we can treat causes instead of just symptoms. You don't need to be an athlete to come to our facility and benefit from our services. Pain is pain, it doesn't discriminate, and neither do we.

At Joint Reaction Health Center we personify a real team environment. Unique from other facilities, we do not refer to our new patients as patients but rather "members" of our Wellness facility. This helps to foster a different perspective and relationship from both parties. From the friendly staff, modern open concept environment, as well as empowering approach to treatment, you will see that we are different by design!

We are committed to spending more time with our members. More time with the members means more listening to your problems and developing more solutions to those problems. EVERY member is seen and treated by one of our highly skilled therapists and then each individual is given their own PERSONALIZED program to facilitate them on to their ultimate path to wellness and pain free living.

Our name says it all...JOINT REACTION...JOINT stands for TEAM WORK... between our practitioners and YOU, our members!! To cause the greatest REACTION of all... you achieving your ultimate WELLNESS goals! Call today and join the TEAM!!

Hours of Operation

Monday 7am-8pm
Tuesday 9am-10pm
Wednesday 12pm-8pm
Thursday 9am-10pm
Friday 7am-7pm

Custom Orthotics Clinic every second Saturday, by appointment only.

Call us today at (613)425-5757 or Email us at admin@jointreaction.ca